chocolate cake

This chocolate cake recipe is our go to for anytime we need a delicious and delightful cake, cupcake or cakepop. What's our secret? Well if you must know, a cup of hot coffee mixed in the batter gives this baby an incredible mocha finish. Happy Birthday to our wonderful customer and we most definitely know she will enjoy this signature cake smothered in everything pink.



very berry smoothie

The magic bullet has been the best investment we've made in years. Not only does it whip up delightful smoothies like this one, but also salad dressings, crepe batter, and pretty much anything and everything else.  

This wonder has 1 banana, a handful of frozen raspberries, coconut water, almond butter and some flax and hemp to boost up those nutrients! 


Image 1.jpg

we love salads

Salads are definitely a competing factor of why we love summer so much. This colourful bowl of mixed greens accompanies avocado, fresh strawberries, walnuts, crumbled goat cheese and a balsamic vinegar dressing. 


Caramel Filled Mocha Cupcakes

This easy to make mocha cake recipe is our go to for any chocolate-y goody. This cupcakes were filled with a caramel creme filling, topped off with mocha icing and garnished with caramel sauce and a chocolate decal. Our satisfied customer says it's the best thing he ever tasted. We did good. 


Bacon Wrapped Steak

When by ourselves we tend to go overboard and make something over the top and ridiculous. Why? Cause we can. 

The night we made this we were staying by ourselves for the weekend and craving craving craving red meat. So what started out as a simple steak turned into something crazy as soon as we found some bacon hanging out in the fridge. The final meal was a seared steak wrapped in goat cheese, wrapped in bacon, with sautéed mushrooms and avacado.  For two people lounging in sweatpants it was a little much but hey we LOVED it.



This meal is a must for any self respecting meat eater.